The harbour settlement of Kynos at the Gulf of Euboea, going back to the Mycenaean Palatial period, has its most important settlement phase during the postpalatial Mycenaean period of the 12th century BC. The excavations from 1985 till 1995 under the direction of Phanouria Dakoronia (Ephorate of Lamia) revealed more than 160 figurines which were handed for publication to the Department of Prehistory & WANA Archaeology. The figurines correspond the shapes known from other Mycenaean sites. Hollow, partly wheel-made figures point to the cultic importance of the site. Figurines of the postpalatial period, such as a number of bird figurines as well as fragments of miniature carts, probably underline local ritual features.

The settlement of Kynos in Ostlokris, situated on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Euboea, represents one of the major seaports in the region. The most important settlement phase dates to LH IIIC (12th century BC), but the settlement goes back to the Mycenaean palatial period (14th and 13th centuries BC).

The excavations were conducted during from 1985 till 1995 by the Ephorate of Lamia under the direction of Phanouria Dakoronia (†). The analysis of the figurines was entrusted to E. Alram-Stern. The material consists of more than 160 figurines, which are of particular interest for reconstructing cult activities. They are mainly Psi figures of the late type A (terminology according to Elizabeth French) as well as the irregularly painted type B and date to late LH IIIB to LH IIIC. There are, however, also Phi-figurines of the phases LH IIIA2 to IIIB and a proto-Phi figurine, a Tau figurine and hollow Psi figurines. The animal figures were mainly cattle, but ten, partly hollow figurines represent waterfowl and one miniature may be interpreted as a dog. Wheels point to the existence of miniature carts. Fragments of wheel-thrown anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures suggest the existence of a ritual space within the settlement.



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