The aim of this project was the publication of prehistoric material of the Madra River Delta Project, which took place in 1996–97 under the direction of Kyriakos Lambrianides and Nigel Spencer. Original documentation of the Early Bronze Age sites Yeldeğirmentepe und Hüyücektepe was published and analysis of the material allows insights into variations in regional connectivity.

The Greek-British Madra River Project under the direction of Kyriakos Lambrianides and Nigel Spencer carried out in 1996/97 has also provided numerous prehistoric finds from surveys and smaller exploratory excavations. The manageable prehistoric finds assemblage from these expeditions is currently being prepared for publication by Barbara Horejs and Maria Röcklinger as part of a joint publication project with the project directors.

The close proximity of the region to the countryside of Pergamon, investigated since 2008 (see project Survey of the prehistoric surroundings of Pergamon), allows a direct comparative analysis of micro-regional characteristics that will contribute to a new definition of the region between the so-called cultural horizons of Troy, Yortan and the Bay of Izmir in the Early Bronze Age. Typological templates and their embedding in a larger cultural context will be developed based on the documentation of the survey and excavations of the sites of Yeldeğirmentepe and Hüyücektepe by N. Spencer and K. Lambrianides.

2016 a Madra River Delta Project workshop with N. Spencer was organized in Vienna. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the final publication of the project which will be published in 2018.



  • K. Lambrianides – N. Spencer, The Madra river delta: Regional Studies on the Aegean coast of Turkey. 1. Environment, society and community life from prehistory to the present, London – Oxford 2007.
  • M. Röcklinger – B. Horejs – K. Lambrianides – N. Spencer, ‘A Path less travelled’? A case study of cross-regional connectivity in the third Millennium BC from the Madra River Delta on the coastline of North-West Anatolia, Annual of the British School of Archaeology at Athens 116 (forthcoming).

Principal Investigator

Barbara Horejs