The network »Early Career Researchers Group« (ECRG) aims to provide a space for networking and exchange for master students, PhD students and researchers in the first post-doc phase of the Austrian Archaeological Institute.

This platform has emerged from the preceding young.academics.oeai and includes about 30 people since fall 2022. It is supported by the OeAI and serves to help members in various aspects. Presentations about research results or theses can be presented within the group to get feedback and rehearse for a defensio or conference. Furthermore, the group is available for discussions of methodological approaches as well as the exchange of general information (e.g. on scholarships/funding programs or on conferences/events etc.). There is also the possibility to invite researchers from different fields or disciplines for lectures / workshops in order to broaden knowledge in specific working methods, programs or soft skills and to promote own competences. Communication takes place primarily via email. Jour fixes take place twice a year, in addition to workshops and informal meetings in smaller groups as needed.