The objective of this bilateral project is the recording and the holistic and interdisciplinary evaluation of Roman period funerary monuments and their components of the western part of the civitas Treverorum (Roman province of Gallia Belgica, i.e. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and province of Luxembourg in Belgium). To overcome differing national research approaches as well as the geo-political division of the Roman territory, the joint Austrian-Luxembourgian research project cooperates with other international research projects and uses high-quality and diverse source materials for answering specific questions as well as for a cross-cultural and historical evaluation of the area.

The investigation focuses on the recording, reconstruction and evaluation of its exceptionally rich stock of funerary monuments. The compiled material provides the basis to study the workshop groups that existed in what was one area in antiquity. As well, the interactions between the metropolis (Augusta Treverorum/Trier) and the remaining territory of the Civitas are examined and the fundamentals of chronology, typology and iconography will be evaluated in a coherent and comprehensive fashion. Issues such as the self-representation of a Treveran elite, mechanisms of assimilation, integration and exclusion in a gallo-roman society of a border region are investigated. Geological analysis is beeing initiated and interpreted in the cultural and historical context.