The research group »Urnfield Culture Networks« is committed to long-term research of the Bronze Age in Central and Southeastern Europe with a special focus on the emergence and spread of the Urnfield Culture (13th–8th centuries BC) and the interactions with neighbouring, simultaneous cultural phenomena. The economic and religious aspects of the Bronze Age are the central part of various regional studies in Austria and the Balkans.

Tracking the routes
Late Urnfield Culture cemetery of Franzhausen-Kokoron
Cemetery of the Early Urnfield Culture from Inzersdorf
Visualizing the unknown Balkans
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New insights in Bronze Age metal producing societies
Macedonian Metals: Origin, distribution and technologies
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Cremation Bronze Age Burials (CBAB)
South Connection
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Resource curation, power and cult at Stillfried?
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Human and animal depositions – Sacrificial cult in Stillfried?
The Urnfield Culture in Lower Austria