The research group »Prehistoric Phenomena« investigates the decisive changes in human models of society and life that can be observed from the early Holocene to the beginning of the Metal Ages (ca. 10th to 3rd millennium BC) in the area from Asia to Southeast Europe. The focus is on the first sedentary agricultural cultures in the Neolithic, their socio-cultural structures as well as technological and innovative processes up to the emergence of the first proto-urban societies in the course of the Copper and Early Bronze Ages.

Online Repositorium Prehistoric Anatolia
Neolithic Imagery
Neolithic Animal Husbandry
Social interactions: Neolithic Balkans and Adriatic
How did bread come to Central Europe?
Pusta Reka Research NEOTECH Project
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Prehistoric Anatolia
Crossing the Neolithic Balkans
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Prehistoric Sirvan
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Platia Magoula Zarkou in Thessaly
Starčevo hut
Neolithic Stone Axes from Çukuriçi Höyük
Burial Practices in the Southern Pre-Pottery Neolithic Levant
Visualizing the Unknown Balkans
14C Modelling of Çukuriçi Höyük
The Vardar-Morava neolithization corridor