The department ›Classical Studies‹ combines and interweaves the classical source disciplines based on antiquity studies and archaeology. The central focus is on interdisciplinary research oriented towards leading questions of the discipline. The issues taken up are predominantly cultural-historical, religious-historical, legal-historical, socio-historical and economic-historical, with a supra-regional scope. The research is located geographically throughout the entire Mediterranean region, in the Roman provinces along the Danube and in the north-west, as well as in Iran, Central Asia and north-west India, and spans a chronological arc from the Archaic period up to the Byzantine era. In addition, corpora and activities related to editions represent an essential focal point contributing substantially to the preservation and protection of cultural heritage and which, furthermore, will create the basis for subsequent analytical research on the part of the international scientific community.


Andreas Pülz
Bernhard Woytek (Deputy head)