In cooperation with the Coin Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum the Research Group »Numismatics« has initiated a project that is engaged with the documentation and processing of coin finds from older or currently running excavations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, this concerns the finds from the Italian excavations in the Buddhist sanctuary of Tapa Sardar (near Ghazni) as well as the current excavations in the Buddhist complex of Qol-e Tut (Kabul) under the directorship of Zafar Paiman. To these are added finds from Mes Aynak (Logar), which should be treated in cooperation with the Afghan National Museum in Kabul.

In cooperation with the Italian Mission under the directorship of Luca Maria Olivieri, research in Pakistan concentrates on the newer coins from excavations at Barikot, as well as the older evidence from the completed excavation in Udegram (Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

Principal Investigator