The aim of Cremation Bronze Age Burials (CBAB) is the coordinated assessment of Late Bronze Age cremation burials in the (14th–9th century BC) in Europe based on a common, accessible database.

The dynamic spreading of the cremation burials and formation of the Urnfield Culture are one of the decisive cultural appearances in the European prehistory. Despite the wide distribution and various common traits, the research of urn cemeteries is still characterised by regional approach, mostly within national borders. The intention of this project is to integrate and make accessible existing analogue data and to provide a platform for the processing of new data. CBAB database offers a unique opportunity to collect, standardize, compare and analyse data sets from different regions and thus to create a solid starting point for regional and supra-regional studies of cremation phenomena.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Digital Archaeology research group of former OREA and the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH) , the first test version of database app CBAB (Cremation Bronze Age Burials) was launched by the end of 2016. A list of criteria for the designated database had already been developed in the course of preliminary studies, with archaeometric and anthropological analyses as fundamental components. During the initial phase, several junior researchers started filling the data base with data from various sites.

Starting with the March 2018 the CBAB database is available for all researches with the interest in Cremation Bronze Age Burials. Currently, the database includes around 150 burials from different sites in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Our goal for the next period is the enlargement of the data in order to provide a solid basis for all relevant queries. Hence, everybody should feel free to enter the further burials in CBAB and to analyze the data pool by using different sorts of queries. The CBAB offers also the possibility to map all the results.

The CBAB is dealing exclusively with already published finds.

For all further question please read our user manual and do not hesitate to contact us.