The goal of the project is to present the Urnfield Culture in Lower Austria comprehensively and up-to-date in the form of a handbook. For all those interested in culture, the handbook will be a treatise on Lower Austria's Late Bronze Age past that is as well-founded as it is exciting to read.

The goal of the project is to portray the urnfield culture in Lower Austria in a comprehensive and up-to-date fashion. The results will be presented in the publication series »Archäologie Niederösterreichs«. For those interested in culture both in Austria and abroad, the reference work will represent an equally well-grounded as well as fascinating treatise on the Late Bronze Age past of Lower Austria. In six main chapters, dealing with the chronology, space and inhabitants with all aspects of their way of life, the period between 1300 and 800 BC will be subjected to a detailed consideration.

The book project (edited by M. Lochner) with contributions from numerous authors (Katharina Adametz, Monika Griebl, Irmtraud Hellerschmid, Andreas Heiss, Daniela Kern, Susanne Klemm, Karl G. Kunst, Ernst Lauermann, Michaela Lochner, Michaela Popovtschak, Silvia Renhart, Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue, Peter Trebsche) will contain approximately 350 pages with numerous colour illustrations and graphics. The papers on the individual chapters will be synchronized in regular editorial meetings.

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seit 2015


Land Niederösterreich