The compilation of a pottery typology based on the material from site H/VI covers the period from the late Second Intermediate Period to the reign of King Haremhab (c. 1650 to c. 1300 BC).

The main objective of this work is to create a new, well-grounded ceramic chronology for the period from the changeover of the late Hyksos period to the Early New Kingdom. To achieve this goal, the extensive ceramic material from area H/VI at ʿEzbet Helmi/Tell el-Dabʿa was analysed. The material was reviewed and classified; more than 200,000 diagnostic sherds were analysed. The period covered extends from Phase D/3, which can probably be equated to the reign of Khyan, and continues until the reign of Horemheb. As such, this study will provide the only ceramic evaluation that shows how the typically northern Hyksos style pottery was eventually absorbed, and replaced by, the southern Egyptian style during the course of the Eighteenth Dynasty.

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since 2005