Bernhard Woytek authors a new standard work for the Roman imperial coinage during the reigns of Emperor Nerva (96–98 A.D.) and Trajan (98–117 A.D.) in the context of the second edition of the series »The Roman Imperial Coinage« (RIC).

The Project

In the field of Roman numismatics, the traditional ten-volume series »The Roman Imperial Coinage« serves as a universally acknowledged international basis of information for the coins of the Roman empire. The series was founded by Harold Mattingly (1884–1964) and Edward A. Sydenham (1873–1948) and has been published since 1923 by the Spink publishing house in London. In 1994, the series was completed with Volume 10 on the coinage of the 5th century; developments in the discipline, however, necessitate a revision of the older volumes.

The second Edition

To date, the following volumes have appeared in completely revised new editions:

  • C. H. V. Sutherland, The Roman Imperial Coinage. Volume I. Revised edition. From 31 BC to AD 69 (London 1984).
  • I. A. Carradice – T. V. Buttrey, The Roman Imperial Coinage. Volume II, part 1. Second fully revised edition. From AD 69 – 96. Vespasian to Domitian (London 2007).
  • R. A. Abdy – P. F. Mittag, The Roman Imperial Coinage. Volume II, part 3: Hadrian. From AD 117 to AD 138. Second, fully revised edition (London 2019).


Sub-volumes II 1 and II 3 replace RIC Volume II of the first edition that appeared almost one hundred years ago (H. Mattingly – E. A. Sydenham, The Roman Imperial Coinage. Vol. 2: Vespasian to Hadrian [London 1926]), only for the periods of the Flavian emperors and for Hadrian. The Roman imperial coinage of the first two principalities of the epoch of the so-called adoptive emperors will be separately revised; Bernhard Woytek is responsible for the treatment of the imperial coinage of Nerva and of Trajan.

Principal Investigator