The OeAI is thankful for every donation that supports its research. We view the donations as a sign of the significance of our work in the public and warmly thank all donors!

Please direct your donation to the OeAI to:

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Bank Austria
IBAN AT541100000262650519

Purpose: 23561D

With an additional note in the field »Purpose« you can dedicate your donation to a specific project:
e.g. »23561D Ephesos Excavations« or »23561D Project Tracing transformations/Tel Lachish«

Please note

As the OeAI is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences donations to the institute are tax-deductible as business expenses to a limited amount (if made from business assets according to § 4a para. 1 EStG) or as special expenses (if made from private assets).

Special expenses/private donations
Since 2017, private donations to tax-privileged organisations have been subject to electronic data exchange (Sonderausgaben-DÜV, BGBl. II No. 289/2016) and are automatically taken into account as special expenses in the income tax assessment. For this purpose, the organisation benefiting from the donation must forward your data in encrypted form to the tax authorities if the donation is to be recorded automatically.

Therefore, if you want your donation to be tax deductible, please state your first and last name as well as the date of birth on the payment slip or when making your online transfer. When writing your name, make sure that it matches the name in the Central Register of Residents (»Meldezettel«).