The project is aiming to establish the framework for the large scale research program within the host institution concerning the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age prehistoric communities settled on the middle course of the river Sava, in the contact zone between geographically and culturally diverse regions of South East Europe. In collaboration with the scientists from the host Institute OREA, Mario Gavranovic will first develop an organization structure and action plan of a long term project, which will include multidisciplinary approach and innovative sociological model of prehistoric societies. Therefore it is planned to have several meetings and workshops with the scientists from OREA as well as with cooperating experts like Mathias Mehofer from Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (metal analysis).

Additional steps will include extensive literature review in the facilities of the host institution OREA and researches in the Map Department of the Austrian National Library and in the Museum of Natural History of Vienna. Furthermore, the applicant will also make all needed preparation for the geomagnetic radar screening of the archeological sites in Croatia involved in the research project. This action requires close cooperation with the Archeological Institute in Zagreb and coordination of the activities including the Institute OREA, the incoming researcher and the specialized company for geomagnetic surveys “Eastern Atlas”. The first outline of the interdisciplinary program together with first gathered information’s will be presented as a short paper/publication within the editions of the host institute.

Principal investigator


JESH – Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities, ÖAW