Michaela Lochner

RG »Urnfield Culture Networks«



Biographical sketch

Studied prehistoric archaeology and physical anthropology at the University of Vienna. Since 1997, she worked as staff scientist at the Prehistoric Commission of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which later became part of the Institute of Oriental and European Archaeology. She directs the long-term research project ‘Urnfield Culture Networks’ (UCN) since 2015. Since May 2017 until retirement February 2018, she acts as deputy director of OREA. She is co-editor of the journal ‘Archaeologia Austriaca’. Her research focuses on the Late Bronze Age/Urnfield Cultures of Central Europe, ceramic typology and burial rituals and societies.

    Research interests

    • Prehistoric Archaeology in Europe
    • Late Bronze Age / Urnfield Culture in Central Europe
    • The cultural heritage of the Middle Danubian Urnfield Culture
    • Burial rite and society
    • Ceramic typology