Alberta Arena

Postdoctoral Fellow



Location: Dominikanerbastei 16 | 1010 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Prehistoric archaeologist focussed on the Bronze Age in Italy and the Balkans, particularly interested in ceramic productions and in the reconstruction of regional and supra-regional networks. Bachelor (Classical Archaeology) and Master (Prehistory and Protohistory) at Sapienza University in Rome (2006-2013). PhD (2014–2018) at Sapienza University in Rome and at Freie Universität in Berlin (Cotutelle de Thèse) with a thesis on trans-Adriatic interactions during the Bronze Age. In 2018, Vising Fellow at the Department of Archaeology of the Durham University. In 2022, Post-Doc scholarship (Gerda Henkel Stiftung) at Università del Salento in Lecce within the Project „In-Pot. Importation, Production, Consumption. Pottery and Products in Bronze Age Apulia, between the Adriatic and the Eastern Mediterranean”. From November 2022 Post-Doc at ÖAI, Department of »Prehistory & West Asian/Northeast African Archaeology« (RG »Urnfield Culture Networks«).

    Research interests

    • Bronze Age in the Adriatic area, artefacts, sites and networks
    • Material culture studies (ceramics, metals, typology and archaeometry)
    • Exchange, raw materials procurement, regional and supra-regional networks
    • Typology and chronology
    • Funerary archaeology, analysis of Bronze Age societies

    More Publications