Do, 27.04.2023 – 28.04.2023


International Conference

Empfang beim Sultan (c) Osmanenmuseum Perchtoldsdorf (OSM 3.22)

Governmental decisions in early modern diplomatic relations between the Ottoman Empire and Europe

The conference hosted by the Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IHB ÖAW) and the Institute for History of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IH PAN) in cooperation with the PAN Scientific Centre in Vienna and the Collegium Hungaricum Wien seeks to examine the problem of diplomatic decision-making in the context of the multi-faceted political and cultural contacts between the Ottoman Empire and the rest of early modern Europe. Firstly, its main scope focuses on both power conflicts and conflict-management practice in Central Europe, Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean. In light of political actions, it shall also reflect the significance of cultural exchange in the directly affected regions, as well as the growing interest in the Ottoman Empire and the Near East in Europe. Secondly, in order to enrich this increasingly popular research field by new approaches, this event centers the procedure of decision-making which has been largely under-investigated in the field of European-Ottoman relations so far.

Splendid Encounters is a series of international and interdisciplinary conferences that aims to bring together scholars from different fields of study to consider diplomacy and diplomatic activities in the early modern period within the broadest possible framework.

Host institution: Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW). In cooperation with: Polish Academy of Sciences - Scientific Centre in Vienna, University of Klagenfurt and Collegium Hungaricum Wien.




27-28 April 2023

Austrian Academy of Sciences, 1020 Wien, Hollandstraße 11-13, 1. Stock, Seminarräume

Dr. Zsuzsanna Cziráki