M – Monumenta Germaniae Historica

I  –  Deutsche Inschriften

R –  Regesta Imperii

Timelab MIR is an initiative of three working groups based at the Institute of Medieval Research whose staff are employed in renowned international editions of historical sources: the Diplomata-series of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH), the Inscriptions in the German-speaking area (DI) and the Regesta Imperii (RI).

Papers presented on this platform are addressing professionals in historical research, students and everybody interested in history. They serve to show that long-term editorial projects entail a wide variety of insights, results and discoveries, which, although reached in the course of essential preliminary work to the edition, in many cases cannot be included in the concise commentaries to the edited text.

However, seen in their specific context, they allow not only valuable insights into the forms and ways of medieval everyday life and culture, but also to take a look at the work and methods employed in modern editorial projects. Timelab MIR will present in loose chronological sequence papers on selected topics that aim to stimulate thought and to encourage discussion.