The project aims at the systematic edition and analysis of Byzantine seals in Austrian collections (ca. 1,700 pieces). The majority belongs to the Coin Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. So far, the following volumes have been published: Vol. 1 is dedicated to the imperial court in the broadest sense (emperor, imperial family, officials of the court and dignitary titles) (ed. W. Seibt, Vienna 1978); vol. 2 encompasses the seals of officials of the central and provincial administration, both in the military and civil sectors. This volume (ed. A.-K. Wassiliou Seibt, Vienna 2004) not only offers new insights into administrative history, but also into prosopography. The commentary draws on additional material in order to advance the methodology for sigillographical research, especially with regard to accurate dating and identifications of persons. The work on vol. 3 (ed. A.-K. Wassiliou-Seibt), which will include family names, first names, and metrical inscriptions, will be continued after the completion of the “Corpus of Byzantine seals with metrical inscriptions".