• Im Forum Millennium – Forschungen zum ersten Jahrtausend (vormals Arbeitskreis zum christlichen Diskurs in Spätantike und Frühmittelalter) werden übergreifende Themen und Entwicklungslinien aus dem ersten Jahrtausend sowie damit verbundene Grundfragen und methodische Probleme interdisziplinär diskutiert.

  • The division of Historical Identity Research cooperates with the universities of Utrecht (since 2012) and Nijmegen (since 2017) by hosting internships for MA and PhD Students.

  • Current research and projects being undertaken at the Institute are presented annually at the International Medieval Congress Leeds. Walter Pohl is a former member of the programming committee and coordinates with members of the working group the sessions on early medieval history that are held at the Congress.

  • Princeton – Oxford – Vienna Graduate Exchange: Since 2011 the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna supports the international PhD student exchange ‘Princeton – Oxford – Vienna Graduate Exchange’. The cooperation consists of annual meetings of students working on late antique, byzantinist and early medieval topics.

  • Leverhulme-Network (Networks of Knowledge in Early Medieval Europe: Insular Manuscripts, AD 650-850): This project is designed to set up an international research network. Its aim is to have a close look at manuscripts in which ‘insular’ script was used, in order to gather new information about knowledge exchange all over early medieval Europe. Partners are: the University of Leicester, The British Library-London, Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland-Galway and the Bibliothèque nationale de France-Paris.

  • Staat im Früh- und Hochmittelalter (State in the Early and High Middle Ages): An international project-group working towards the development of a long-term research cooperation.


  • New Communities of Interpretation (ISCH COST Action IS 1301)
    The Action coordinates research activities being currently developed at several European universities and research institutes and creates a virtual centre of expertise for the study of religious culture in late medieval and early modern Europe.
  • Texts and Identities in the Early Middle Agesis the title of an international research cooperation between the Institute for Medieval Research and the Universities of Cambridge, Utrecht, Leeds and Paris I (Sorbonne), which was established in 1996 by Mayke de Jong (Utrecht), Rosamond McKitterick (Cambridge), Walter Pohl (Wien) and Ian Wood (Leeds)

  • Projektgruppe zur Erforschung der Krise zur Zeit Ludwigs des Frommen. (Project Group for the Research of the Crisis in the Time of Louis the Pious). The Hludowicus-Project (Stefan Esders/Berlin, Philippe Depreux/Limoges) funded by the international French National Research Agency (ANR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) examined different aspects of the political and social crisis and their perception in the time of Emperor Louis the Pious. The contribution of the Institute for Medieval Research was Richard Corradini's examination of an ensemble of manuscripts from St. Gall and Reichenau, where different methods for the calculation of time (calendars, chronicles, Easter tables etc.) are addressed.