Manuel Moschopulos’ Commentaries on Sophocles.
(FWF Project P27764: 01.01.2014–31.12.2019)

This project aims to publish the first complete critical edition of Manuel Moschopulos’ scholia on Sophocles’ Electra. The book Scholia Moschopulea in Sophoclis Electram ad optimos codices collata is expected in 2018. It is also meant to contribute to historical sociolinguistics, as it will produce a morpho-syntactic bilingual dictionary (“Atticized” / “Koine” Greek), based on the descriptions of these two varieties of Medieval Greek provided by Moschopulos in his scholia.

This project also takes into account the following aspects: 1) the didactic efficacy of Moschopulos’ commentaries on Sophocles (To which purpose did he write them? What was his target audience?); 2) the socio-cultural context, in which Moschopulos composed his commentaries (by the means of his scholia, did he want to teach his students how to write in “Atticized” Greek?) 3) the impact of Moschopulos’ teaching of Greek on the language of Medieval Greek authors.


Andrea Cuomo and Erich Trapp are organizing a two-day international conference (24-25 November 2017) on historical sociolinguistics “The Editing of Greek Scholia and the Study of Medieval Greek Literature.

The  “Wiener Soziolinguistische Forum“, offers a platform for the exchange between philologists and linguists, who also work on languages other than Greek.


Erich Trapp (project leader)

Andrea Massimo Cuomo (researcher)