Caria in Southwestern Asia Minor with its center Aphrodisias (in Byzantine times Staurupolis) will be examined by using the established methods of the Tabula Imperii Byzantini: the analysis of written sources as well as of the archaeological and art historical sources, local toponyms. Multiple study trips have facilitated a deeper understanding of the physical landscape. Beside the lemmata for the locations, the book will also encompass introductory chapters on the geography and the climate of the region, on the political and ecclesiastical history as well as on economy and trade.

The volume will constitute a link with TIB 8 “Lykien und Pamphylien”, TIB 7 “Phrygien und Pisidien”, and TIB 17 “Asia”.

The study of the region has generated two further publications by Friedrich Hild: a monograph on the milestones, the streets and the traffic system and a forthcoming study with the title “Die karische Küste in den Portulanen und Portulankarten von der Antike bis in frühosmanische Zeit”.