Nea Epeiros and Praevalis


The volume 17 of the TIB entitled “Nea Epeiros and Praevalis” comprises the Early Byzantine provinces of the same name. It is closing the gap between the volumes TIB 16 "Macedonia, Northern Part"  and TIB 3 “Nikopolis and Kephallēnia”. The volume “Nea Epeiros and Praevalis” covers the whole territory of today’s Montenegro, the northern part of Albania and the district of Raška (Novi Pazar) in Serbia.

The research for this volume is based on written sources (mainly in Greek, Latin, Old Slavonic and Ottoman), monuments, archaeological reports and a vast variety of toponyms, as well as extensive secondary literature, mostly in the South Slavic languages. A special emphasis is put on the Cultural Heritage in the area of research and especially on Austro-Hungarian archival material on the region kept in the Austrian State Archives.

The volume is enhanced by the application of new methods in Historical Geography, such as settlement theories (e. g. modified Central Place Theory), and by applications deriving from Geographical Information Science (Historical Geographic Information Systems / HGIS) as well as Geocommunication, which are developed in the "Maps of Power: Historical Atlas of Places, Borderzones and Migration Dynamics in Byzantium"  initiative of the TIB.