On the island of Crete, hundreds of dedicatory, funerary and Deesis inscriptions are preserved in Byzantine churches of the Venetian period (13th–17th c.), whose cultural-historical value is of high significance. Their census and detailed analysis is an urgent desideratum since the only existing (partial) edition by Giuseppe Gerola, Monumenti veneti di isola di Creta, vol. 4 (1932) is insufficient.

The edition and analysis of the inscriptions follows the guidelines of the series Inscriptiones Graecae Aevi Byzantini. An inscription lemma consists of a diplomatic transcription, transcription in minuscule, (German) translation, and commentaries on palaeography, language and lexicography as well as content. Each entry is accompanied by an image.

The completion of the study with ca. 540 inscriptions is planned for 2023/24.


Vasiliki Tsamakda

(with palaeographic and philological commentaries by Andreas Rhoby)