Edition of the Chartulary of the Monastery of St. Paul on Mount Latros (Completed 2015)

The project relating to the monastery of St Paul on Mount Latros (Asia Minor) aimed at a critical edition of the cartulary first edited in great haste by Franz Miklosich and Joseph Müller. This collection of documents is preserved in a copy of the patriarchal notary Ioannes Chortasmenos in a codex unicus (Vatican, Cod. Urb. Gr. 80) which was used as an exercise to improve the diction of Byzantine documents. The documents offer insight into the 12th and 13th centuries und are a unique source for a politically turbulent time. This critical text edition, originally based upon a project of the Austrian National Fund (project P 12395), contains – according to the principles of the edition of the register of the patriarchate of Constantinople – in addition to a detailed introduction and analysis of the documents, the edition of these documents, a German translation and a synoptic glossary comprising also semantic word fields. The edition was published in 2015 in the series Wiener Byzantinistische Studien of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (vol. 30).