The research group "Language and Literature" is devoted to the study of the Greek language in its various manifestations between the 4th and 15th century. Within the framework of the long-term project Lexicography (Publication of Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität)  the vocabulary specific to the Byzantine period was recorded as a first step. This material provides the basis for further work on the language usage of the Byzantines.

A detailed study on the contextualization of vocabulary was carried out through the FWF project P23912 Mimetic and Innovative Tendencies in Late Byzantine Historiography. Linguistic details were further dealt with in the FWF project P27764Classical Education and Society in Palaeologan Byzantium: Reading Sophocles at Manuel Moschopulos' School. Within the framework of these two projects, relevant questions about historical sociolinguistics and case examples continue to be tackled for Byzantine texts in cooperation with projects on Byzantine diplomatics (patriarchal chancery, imperial chancery). Genre-specific aspects of language and reception were/are the focus of the FWF projects P28959 Byzantine poetry in the "long" 12th century (1081–1204): text and context and T1045-G25Late Byzantine poetry from the 4th Crusade until the end of the empire and of the project Byzantine Epigrams.

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