The Early Medieval Charters of Alemannia

Up to the present day more than 800 early medieval charters, dating from before 983, have been preserved in original or in contemporary copies in the archive of the former Abbey of St Gall. Apart from the circa seventy-five Carolingian royal and imperial charters, these charters are the so-called private charters that document legal transactions such as gifts, sales, trades and land loans and sometimes demonstrate (ownership) disputes between the abbey and local landowners.

The current project „Die frühmittelalterlichen Privaturkunden Alemanniens. Regionale Urkundenpraxis und ihre sozialen Kontexte“ (ÖAW) has a double-tracked research agenda: On the one hand it intends to complete the facsimile-edition of the St Gall charters within the prestigious series of the Chartae Latinae Antiquiores, on the other hand it intends to publish the applicant’s diplomatic case-study on the early medieval charters of St Gall: „Diplomatische Studien zu den St. Galler Privaturkunden des frühen Mittelalters (ca. 720-980)“.

Single research project

Bernhard Zeller