Local identities in the Early Middle Ages (700-1050)

In the framework of this project, an international working group has been set up (‘Small worlds – wide horizons: Local identities and social cohesion (700–1050)’). The group deals with rural, village-level societies. It concentrates therefore on people who lived within ‘small worlds’ of some eight to ten kilometres diameter. The group studies different parts of the Frankish and post-Frankish world, namely East and West Francia, Alemannia and Bavaria, but also northern Spain and Anglo-Saxon England.

In particular, the working group deals with different types of local groups and communities and their cohesion/cohesiveness. It questions their foundation (for instance by sharing legal status, rights or interests) and it asks for common actions and rituals of their members.


Bernhard Zeller

Group Members:
Dr. Miriam Czock (Duisburg-Essen)
Prof. em. Dr. Wendy Davies (London)
PD Dr. Thomas Kohl (Tübingen)
Prof. Dr. Steffen Patzold (Tübingen)
Dr. Carine van Rhijn (Utrecht)
Dr. Nicholas Schroeder (Bruxelles)
Prof. Dr. Marco Stoffella (Verona)
Prof. Dr. Francesca Tinti (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
Dr. Charles West (Sheffield)

International Research-Network




Universität Tübingen