Identity, Cohesion, Inclusion

Premyslid regnum as a part of the post-Carolingian world

This research project analyzes the necrological records written down in Bohemian and Moravian monasteries and chapters until 1306, an important witness of actively created historical memory, and selected manuscripts of Cosmas chronicle. This text is remarkably stable in the manuscripts and since twelfth century it was used as a referential text. This is the base for the research of the sources for the social cohesion of Premyslid monarchy.

In second step, we will focus on the group of specific manuscripts from East Central Europe (esp. Heiligenkreuz 217) that are evidence of the second life of Carolingian legal culture. Through their analysis we will also study the processes of the inclusion of that area in contemporary Christian Europe.

Project leader
David Kalhous

Walter Pohl

Lise-Meitner Fellowship
Senior Postdoc (FWF)

Project-Number: M 2120G28

Duration: 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2018