Since 2011 the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna supports the international PhD student exchange ‘Princeton – Oxford – Vienna Graduate Exchange’. The cooperation consists of annual meetings of students working on late antique, byzantinist and early medieval topics. The exchange is headed by internationally renowned researchers from various fields of historical studies.

The goal is to foster exchange between young prospective academics from various intellectual traditions. After all, the way we develop our research questions is considerably influenced by our academic environment. Thus, the PhD students are given the chance to present and discuss their work in this framework.


2011 Princeton

2012 Vienna

2013 Oxford

2014 Oxford

2015 Vienna

2016 Princeton

2017 Mainz

2018 Berlin

2019 Oxford

Project leader

Walter Pohl
Claudia Rapp
Bernhard Palme

John Haldon
Helmut Reimitz
Jack Tannous

Bryan Ward-Perkins
Conrad Leyser