Cluster - Projekte


ERC Starting Grant

ARITHMETIC - German Arithmetical Treatises in Manuscripts of the Late Middle Ages (1400-1522). A Study on Philology, History and Culture based on a Digital Edition of the Treatises

ERC Synergy Grant

HistoGenes (Integrating genetic, archaeological and historical perspectives on Eastern Central Europe, 400-900 AD)

International Research Network

Transformation of the Carolingian World


Digital Humanities: Langzeitprojekte zum kulturellen Erbe 2014

Digitising Patterns of Power (DPP) - Peripherical Mountains in the Medieval World

Network Joint Research Programme HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area)

After Empire: Using and not Using the Past in the Crisis
of the Carolingian World

ERC Starting Grant

Origins of the Vernacular Mode

Network Joint Research Programme HERA  (Humanities in the European Research Area)

Cultural Memory and the Resources of the Past  (CMRP)