Glottocode: megl1237, ISO 639-3: ruq

Meglen Vlach is an Eastern Romance variety, similar to Aromanian and Romanian. It is spoken by the Meglen Vlachs in a few villages in the Meglen region (today Almopia, Greece; and Gevgelija, Macedonia). It is also spoken by emigrants from these villages and their descendants in Romania, Serbia and Russia, as well as by a small Muslim group in Turkey. Some linguists consider Meglen Vlach to be an intermediary between Romanian and Aromanian, often being considered either a dialect of Romanian, a dialect of Aromanian, or an independent language. It is closer to standard Romanian than the Aromanian language, suggesting that it split from early Balkan Romance later than Aromanian. Meglen Vlach has been strongly influenced by the neighbouring South Slavic varieties. With not more than 5.000 speakers it is highly endangered. 

The Meglen-Vlachs (endonym mostly Vlau, pl. Vlash, Romanian: Meglenoromâni, German: Meglenorumänen, Russian: Мегленорумыни, English: Meglenoromanians) are a branch of Balkan Romance population in close linguistic relationship with the Aromanian, Romanian and Istrian Vlach.

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