Description: The videoclip contains an epic song from Montenegro and Herzegovina. The song was recorded in the rustic ambience of a mountain hut in Vučje, situated in Nikšić municipality (Montenegro). The song is accompanied by the traditional single-stringed fiddle gusle. The instrument is always accompanied by singing, specifically by epic poetry. It has played a significant role in the history of epic poetry because of its association with the centuries-old patriotic oral legacy. The song with the simple name Gusle is about the power of gusle and folk poetry, about nostalgia of an old dying man, reminiscing of his homeland. The performer is Slavko Goranović from Nikšić. Typical for the temporal adaptation of traditional songs is the inclusion of modern elements such as the motif “Europa” and “European path” in this example. Singing to the accompaniment of the gusle was inscribed in 2018 in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

Cite as: Gusle, Stari Hercegovac - Gusle, Old Herzegovian; performer: Slavko Goranović; camera/interview: Thede Kahl; transcription: Sanja Crnogorac; editor: Ani Antonova, retrieved from, ID number: news1236MEV0001a