Description: Griko folklore has a long tradition which is mainly expressed in the musical production of these communities in southern Italy. This tradition is so strong that it has led to the creation of new songs to this day when the language of poetry shows influences of Modern Greek and Italian. An example is the love song Vrádi átʦe féŋgo, written by Cesare de Santis from the Apulian Greek village of Sternatia, Puglia, and performed in the video by his son, Rocco de Santis. A syncretism of a musicological nature that has led the composer to merge styles typical of South Italian and Greek traditions is added to the Griko linguistic element.

Cite as: Vrádi áttse féŋgo – Evening in the moonlight; performer: Rocco de Santis; camera/ interview transcription/ translation: Thede Kahl; editor: Antonio Fichera, retrieved from www.oeaw.ac.at/VLACH, ID number: apul1237ITV0003a.