Description: Until 1940, Northern Dobruja was homeland to a huge Bulgarian minority. The Dobruja Bulgarians (Добруджанци or Добруджански българи) were moved to Southern Dobruja and other parts of Bulgaria, and only a very small Bulgarian minority remained in the Romanian part of Dobruja. Minca (Minka) Andreeva is one of the few inhabitants of Lunca village in the Tulcea district. She is a fluent speaker of the local Bulgarian dialect and sings a short, satirical folk song. It is about preventing marriage to an old man. The song is also known in Bulgaria, but she sings it in the local dialect (e.g., ábǝlka 'apple' instead of jábǝɫka, júžena instead of oženi 'married', etc.) but also has elements of dialect mixing (e.g., parallel use of šte and ši to form the future tense).

Cite as: M'átalu i Lénči ábǝlka – Lenche was throwing an apple; performer: Minka Andreeva; camera/interview: Thede Kahl; transcription/translation: Teodora Kiriakova, Thede Kahl; editor: Ani Antonova; retrieved from www.oeaw.ac.at/VLACH, ID number: bass1265ROV0001a.