Attention: This page reflects the state of 2010. It is meant for documentary purposes and will not be updated any longer!

Critical edition and annotated translation of a collective manuscript

This project comprised at critical and diplomatic editions of a unique incomplete Sanskrit manuscript from the TAR on the basis of CTRC copies. The manuscript contains eighteen complete and one incomplete short Mahāyānasūtras and one citation. The manuscript is invaluable in that the Sanskrit original of most sūtras has not been available until now.

In the critical edition, Chinese and other parallel materials are adduced and the Tibetan translation are also provided. An English translation accompanies the edited texts together with a comprehensive introduction.

List of sūtras (in original order)

1. Laṅkāvatārasūtra (citation)

2. Kūṭāgārasūtra

3. Āryanandikaparipṛcchāsūtra

4. Kāśyapaparipṛcchāsūtra

5. Anityatāsūtra

6. Prasenajitparipṛcchāsūtra

7. Devatāsūtra

8. Āryajayamatiparipṛcchāsūtra

9. Śīlasaṃyuktasūtra

10. Maṇḍalakānuśaṃsasūtra

11. Dīrghanakhaparipṛcchāsūtra

12. Caturdharmikasūtra

13. Bhavasaṃkrāntisūtra

14. Siṃhaparipṛcchāsūtra

15. Mañjuśrīnirdeśasūtra

16. Āryamaitreyaparipṛcchāsūtra

17. Buddhavaṃśakādvaipulyapiṭakādanta­buddha­kṣetraguṇodbhāvanasūtra

18. Guṇālaṃkṛtasaṃkusumita­dārikā­pari­pṛcchāsūtra

19. Dhanapālavaineyasūtra

20. Dharmaśaṅkhasūtra (incomplete)


Vinita Tseng (ed.), 2010
A unique collection of twenty Sutras in a Sanskrit manuscript from the Potala: Volume I/1+2. (STTAR 7/1+2.) Beijing, Vienna: China Tibetology Publishing House and Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2010 (order online).

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