‘Kiosks’ is a photo and book project about beach huts, stalls, improvised accommodation and similar constructions built along the Albanian coast for tourism purposes in recent years. The huts, known as kioske in Albanian, represent a multilayered culture of improvisation that reflects the chaotic transition from Stalinist-type communism to an unfettered market economy. ‘Kiosks’ explores this creative process of socio-economic and cultural change based on versatile improvisation through a detailed look at the architecture of these buildings and the ways of life of the people who shape and surround them.

‘Kiosks’ is conceptualized as an exhibition and book project. A selection of the photos was nominated for the 2016 ‘photo graz biennale’ and shown here for the first time. In December 2017, the pictures were shown in the Zagreb Cultural Centre in the framework of the ‘photo graz selection’ exhibition. Since autumn 2022, the exhibition has been shown in several locations in Albania (Tirana, Vlora, Durres, Fier und Shkodra) as a travelling exhibition.

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Cargocollective - Kioske