Franz Adlgasser


Franz Adlgasser is a research associate in the research unit History of the Habsburg Monarchy.

Brief Biography

Franz Adlgasser studied history at the University of Salzburg where he received his PhD in 1992. He was subsequently employed as a university assistant at the Institute of History in Salzburg and collaborated on several research projects. He joined the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2002 where he first worked at the Commission for the History of the Habsburg Monarchy and from 2013 as senior scientist at the Institute of Modern and Contemporary History. He is editor of the series ‘Studies on the History of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy’ and co-editor of the edition ‘The Minutes of the Cisleithanian Council of Ministers 1867–1918'. From 1991 to 2010, he was Secretary of the Commission for Modern Austrian History, and has been a member since 2010. In 2017, he was appointed to the Commission’s executive board.


Period: 19th and early 20th centuries.
Area: Habsburg Monarchy, Central Europe
Topics: history of the Austrian parliament 1848–1918, Austrian politics, parliamentarism, research on elites, bureaucracy and administration

Selected Publications

  • The Habsburg Civil Service and Beyond. Bureaucracy and Civil Servants from the Vormärz to the Inter-War Years (Wien 2018).
  • Die Mitglieder der österreichischen Zentralparlamente 1848–1918. Konstituierender Reichstag 1848–1849. Reichsrat 1861–1918. Ein biographisches Lexikon (Wien 2014).
  • Viktor Franz Freiherr von Andrian-Werburg: "Österreich wird meine Stimme erkennen lernen wie die Stimme Gottes in der Wüste". Tagebücher 1839-1858, 3 Bde. (Wien-Köln-Weimar 2011)
  • Die Aehrenthals. Eine Familie in ihrer Korrespondenz 1872-1911, 2 Bde. (Wien-Köln-Weimar 2002).
  • Heinrich Friedjung: Geschichte in Gesprächen. Aufzeichnungen 1898–1919, 2 Bde. (Wien-Köln-Weimar 1997).
  • American Individualism Abroad. Herbert Hoover, die American Relief Administration und Österreich, 1919–1923 (Wien 1993).


Die Mitglieder der österreichischen Zentralparlamente 1848-1918

Die aktualisierten Biographien der Parlamentarier finden sich unter: https://www.parlament.gv.at/WWER/PARL/J1848/

(gem. mit Fredrik Lindström), The Habsburg Civil Service and Beyond

Today America Feeds Austria's Children: Food, Supplies and Propaganda - Austria and the United States after the Great War, pp. 79-103