Stefano Poggi


Stefano Poggi is a research associate in the research unit History of the Habsburg Monarchy. Since november 2023 he has been working on the project "Dynastic Continuity in an Age of Crisis?".

Brief Biography

Stefano Poggi is an associate researcher in the “Dynastic Continuity in an Age of Crisis?” project, focusing on the Austria-Este branch of the Habsburg dynasty during the revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. He earned his Ph.D. from the European University Institute of Florence in 2021 with a dissertation on the personal identification tools in Napoleonic Italy. Subsequently, he held a two-year position at the University of Padua, where he completed his first book, Cultures of Identification in Napoleonic Italy (Routledge, forthcoming).

Research interests

Research interests: Age of Revolutions, State-Building, Gender History
Period: 1789-1848
Area: Mediterranean and Central Europe

Selected publications

  • Poggi, Stefano (2024, forthcoming). Cultures of Identification in Napoleonic Italy (c. 1800-1814) (London-New York, Routhledge).
  • Poggi, Stefano (2022). “Una necessaria collaborazione. Il contributo del clero italiano allo stato civile napoleonico”, Rassegna Storica del Risorgimento, n. 109/1, pp. 38-56.
  • Poggi, Stefano (2022). “Surveillance as a Culture of Vigilance: the Case of Napoleonic Italy”, Società e Storia, n. 177, pp. 569-581.
  • Poggi, Stefano (2021). “Conflitti d’identità. Pratiche, gestione e controllo delle identità nell’Italia napoleonica”, Società e Storia, n. 172, pp. 287-320.