Wladimir Fischer-Nebmaier is a research associate in the research unit Digital Historiography and Editions and volume editor of the edition 'The Minutes of the Council of Ministers of Austria and of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy 1848–1918' (in particular the digital edition).

Brief Biography

Wladimir Fischer-Nebmaier graduated in Slavic studies and history at the University of Vienna. He teaches history at the University of Vienna. Fischer-Nebmaier has worked on and led numerous research projects, including on the mobilisation of national sentiment in the nineteenth century, transnational identity management of migrants in the city, representation and self-representation of elites in Southeast Europe, historical socio-linguistics in the early modern era, as well as literature and popular culture on the Balkans. Since 2005, he has been responsible for the publication of the volumes in the last period of the edition series "Cisleithanische Ministerratsprotokolle 1867–1918 (CMR)" and for the transformation to a hybrid edition method.

Research Interests

Period: late 18th to the end of the 20th centuries.
Area: Habsburg Monarchy, Southeast Europe, transatlantic history
Topics: politics, culture, media, migration

Selected Publications

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 Die Protokolle des cisleithanischen Ministerrates 1867–1918, VIII/1: 1914–1918, Teilband 1: 1914–1916

Die Ministerratsprotokolle Österreichs und der österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie 1867–1918 (Digitale Edition)

John R. Palandech (1874–1956): The Many Faces of a Chicago Transatlantic Immigrant Media Man, pp. 26-87