Peter Urbanitsch


Peter Urbanitsch is an honorary associate in the research unit History of the Habsburg Monarchy.

Brief Biography

Peter Urbanitsch studied history and English at the universities of Vienna and London, and received his PhD in 1967. From 1968 to 2007, he was employed at the Commission for the History of the Habsburg Monarchy at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Until retirement in 2007, he was co-editor of the series ‘Studien zur Geschichte der österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie’ (30 volumes), co-editor of the series ‘Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848–1918’, volumes I to IX/2 (1973–2010), chief editor of the 'K.u.K. Archiv’ (1999–2009) and deputy curator of the 1996 exhibition '996–1996. ostarrîchi-Österreich. Menschen–Mythen–Meilensteine’.

Research Interests

Period: 19th and early 20th centuries
Area: Habsburg Monarchy
Topics: educational system in Cisleithania; editing of selected articles in volumes I-VI of the series ‘Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848–1918’ and production of a two-volume text as a draft for translation into Romanian; administration and bureaucracy in Cisleithania and the Crown lands.

Selected Publications

  • Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848–1918, Bände I bis IX/2 (Wien 1973–2010).
  • Pluralist Myth and Nationalist Realities: The Dynastic Myth of the Habsburg Monarchy. A futile Exercise in the Creation of Identity?; in: Austrian History Yearbook 25 (2004) 101-141.
  • Die Gemeindevertretungen in Cisleithanien; in: Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848—1918 VII/2: Verfassung und Parlamentarismus, hrg. von Helmut Rumpler und Peter Urbanitsch (Wien 2000) 1199-2281.
  • The High Civil Service Corps in the Last Period of the Multi-Ethnic Empire between National and Imperial Loyalties; in: Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung 33/2 (2008), Special Issue: Victor Karady (ed.), Elite Formation in the Other Europe (19th–20th century)/Elitenbildung im “anderen” Europa (19. und 20. Jahrhundert) 193–213.
  • Österreichs Schulen. Organisatorischer und struktureller Wandel 1848 bis 1914; in: Kindheit und Schule im Ersten Weltkrieg, hrg. von Hannes Stekl, Christa Hämmerle, Ernst Bruckmüller (=Austriaca. Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Österreichkunde, Wien 2015) 45–73.
  • Rudolf Gräf (Hg.) - Peter Urbanitsch (Bearb.) - Iosif Marin Balog et al. (Übers.), Monarhia Habsburgică (1848-1918), 2019