The three-volume handbook summarises knowledge about the administrative consolidation of the Habsburg Monarchy in the early modern era in a structured form. Thus, a standard work is being created that can be used to address numerous issues and at the same time comprises fundamental contributions to understanding the development and mode of operation of the administration in the Monarchy. Each contribution is supplemented by an overview of the available sources as well as by a commentated bibliography, which makes knowledge about specific themes, now dispersed among innumerable publications and in various languages, accessible. Lists of the heads of government offices and high-ranking public officials makes, for the first time, the names of important individuals and families belonging to the administrative elite accessible. The first volume, edited in two books by Michael Hochedlinger, Petr Maťa and Thomas Winkelbauer, contains contributions by some 60 specialists from seven countries. On some 1,300 pages, the volume deals with the dynasty and court, the emperor and empire, central administration, warfare, and the financial system run by the rulers. The second volume, dedicated to the administration on the level of the individual provinces, is being compiled.

Verwaltungsgeschichte der Habsburgermonarchie in der Frühen Neuzeit I: Hof und Dynastie, Kaiser und Reich, Zentralverwaltungen, Kriegswesen und landesfürstliches Finanzwesen, 2 Bände (= Mitteilungen des Instituts für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung, Ergänzungsband 62/1-2), hgg. Michael Hochedlinger, Petr Maťa und Thomas Winkelbauer, Wien 2019.