Glottocode: roma1327, ISO 639-3: ron

The Romanian language (românește, rumânește) is an Eastern Romance language which descends from the Vulgar Latin spoken in the Roman provinces of South-eastern Europe and has a considerable Slavic superstrate. Romanian is spoken by 24 to 26 million people as a native language, mostly in Romania and Moldova where it has an official status. Other Romanian speakers can be found in Serbia, Hungary, the Ukraine or Bulgaria, where Romanian ethnic minorities can be found. In the last decades of the 20th century numerous Romanian speakers spread over many countries of the European Union, as well as North and South America and Oceania. The Romanian language has much in common with other Romance languages such as Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. However, the closest to Romanian language varieties are Aromanian, Meglen Vlach and Istrian Vlach or Istroromanian. Traditionally the Romanian language (by Romanian linguists also called Daco-Romanian) was divided into two categories: a southern and northern one.

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