Fairy tales


Description: Ana-Maria Velciov narrates a fairytale whose action and characters give a distinct and local touch to the commonly known fariytale 'The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats' (Aarne–Thompson–Uther Index nr. 123). By combining the geography of the place she lives in (the wetlands of Banat) with the anthropomorphic goose, wolf and fox, she revives a playful interchange between reality and fantasy that remains strongly connected to both physical nature and the humans' common life experience: his struggle for survival, his way of solving problems and overcoming mistakes, his dealing with sly and evil approaches as part of daily life.

Cite as:  Gə́skə-Fə́skə – Mother goose and the wolf; performer: Ana-Maria Velciov; camera/ interview: Thede Kahl, Andreea Pascaru; transcription: Petru Ciocani; Andreea Pascaru; translation: Petru Ciocani, editor: Valentina Roșu, retrieved from: www.oeaw.ac.at/VLACH, ID number: bana1308ROV0005a.