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Macedonian Modern Greek is part of the northern Greek varieties, spoken in the region of Macedonia. The transition to the dialects of Thrace in the east and Thessaly in the southwest is a linguistic continuum. The name Macedonian Greek is motivated more geographically than linguistically; the differences to the neighbouring varieties are minor and the regional identity is certainly based on the linguistic varieties of the region to a small extent only. The speakers consider themselves Macedonian Greek or purely Greek. The Macedonian Greek varieties are given a number of regional names, e.g. ɕaʨná for the variety of Siatista, gzanítka for the variety of Kozani. Besides this, the regional name mak'eðoniká (Pl. N.), with its dialectal types mak'iðuɲiká, makeðónika, mak'iðóɲika, can be used in scientific use, but is not popular in the vernacular. As in the majority of the Modern Greek dialects, it has neither official status nor any use in literature. Only texts with folklore themes are published where the Greek spelling is used with various levelling of appropriate expressions of the dialectal characteristics.

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