IN 1567

Description: In this video Luigia Linciano (1923-2016) from the Apulian Greek village of Sternatia, Puglia, tells an old tale by an unknown scholar about the punishments of Jesus Christ over the sinful society. She describes an event with biblical contours dating back to 1567 when hail destroyed all the crops of the nearby villages. The young women appealed to the Madonna so that she could intercede with her son and convince him to appease his wrath on the blasphemous peasants. Will the Lady be able to convince her son to forgive the sinners?

Cite as: Se skìjepèntʰagósĭasìntʰaftá – In 1567; performer: Luigia Linciano; camera/ interview: Chiara Rescio, Walter Stomeo; transcription/ translation: Francesco Giannachi, Thede Kahl; editor: Helmut Sandeck; retrieved from, ID number: apul1237ITV0001a.