Description: Chrysoula Kapakidou sings a lullaby that her mother-in-law Stavroula Kapakidou used to sing while holding her grandchild Michalis in her arms and rocking him to sleep. After reciting the lullaby, Chrysoula repeats another childhood song she learned from her mother-in-law. The two pieces have various forms and belong to the traditions of the Cappadocian Greeks from the village of Misti, present-day Konaklı, in the Niğde area in Turkey. After 1923, due to the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Christians from Misti were forced to leave Cappadocia and settled in various places in Greece. Chrysoula's and other families from Misti settled in the village of Plagia in the Kilkis district. Almost no songs are preserved in the Greek Cappadocian variety of Misti.

Cite as: Dág'il dág'il dostaná - Dagil dagil dostana. Traditional lullaby in Cappadocian Greek; performer: Chrysoula Kapakidou; interview: Sotirios Rousiakis; transcription: Thede Kahl, Sotirios Rousiakis; translation: Sotirios Rousiakis; editor: Helmut Sandeck; retrieved from www.oeaw.ac.at/VLACH, ID: capp1239GRV0017a