MulAcARI: Theory and Application of Multipliers in Acoustics

Basic Description

Time-variant filters are gaining importance in today's signal processing applications. Gabor multipliers in particular are popular in current scientific investigations. These multipliers are a specialization of Bessel multipliers to Gabor frames. These operators are interesting in regard to both theory and application:

Theory of Multipliers

  • Bessel and Frame Multipliers in Banach Spaces: In this project, the concept of frame multipliers should be generalized to work with Banach spaces.
  • Theory of Wavelet Multipliers: The concept of multipliers can be easily extended to wavelet frames. The influence of the special structures of these sequences will be investigated.
  • Basic Properties of Irregular Gabor Multipliers: Here multipliers for Gabor frames on irregular lattices are investigated.

Application of Multipliers

  • Time Frequency Masking: Gabor Multiplier Models and Evaluation: The symbol for the Gabor multiplier is calculated adaptively and the resulting model incorporates both time and frequency masking components. The goal is to obtain an algorithm using 2-D convolution.
  • Improving the Multiple Exponential Sweep Method (MESM) using Gabor Multipliers: The MESM is an efficient system identification method. Initial tests have shown that this method can be improved with a Gabor multiplier applied as a mask for the original sweep.
  • Wavelet Multipliers and Their Application to Reflection Measurements: One method to calculate the absorption coefficient of a sound proof wall requires separation of the impulse responses of different reflections. They can be easily separated in a scalogram and they can be extracted using a wavelet multiplier.
  • Mathematical Foundation of the Irrelevance Model: In this project, the theoretical foundation of the irrelevance algorithms implemented in STx is being developed.


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This project ended on 01.01.2010; most subprojects ended on 28.02.2008 and are incorporated into the 'High Potential'-Project of the WWTF, MULAC.