TFMask: Time Frequency Masking


A Gaussian Atom is suitable as an ideal atom for the time frequency representation of the human audio perception. This is not only because of the Gaussian Atom's special mathematic features, but also because of results from existing psychoacoustic studies. Developing a time-frequency mask (occlusion) requires testing the time-frequency masking effects of this atom. So far, short-tape limited signals have not been investigated in masking experiments. Relatively few psychoacoustic experiments have been explored completely, and these have been combined with time-frequency effects.


In cooperation with the Laboratory for Mechanics and Acoustics / CNRS Marseille, an experimental protocol was developed for testing the time-frequency method of a singular Gaussian atom. Experiments were made for the first time in 2006, and gave the first results concerning the hearing threshold and the existence of such a signal. The experiments that included the masking threshold began as a PhD project before the end of 2006 in Marseille.


Efficient implementation of a masking filter offers many applications:

  • Sound / Data Compression
  • Sound Design
  • Back-and-Foreground Separation
  • Optimization of Speech and Music Perception

After completing the testing phase, the algorithms are to be implemented in S_TOOLS-STx