Mathematik und Signalverarbeitung in der Akustik
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Research background

Reyhaneh Abbasi studied biomedical engineering during Bachelor at Shahed University in 2012. She has got M.Sc of bioelectrical engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology in 2014. Her Master thesis was titled as “Long-term prediction of blood pressure time series using fuzzy multi-models”.

Current Research

Since March 2016 Reyhaneh is a member of the Acoustics Research Institute's workgroup "Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics", working on the project "mice ultrasonic vocalization classification”.



  • Marconi, M. A.; Nicolakis, D.; Abbasi, R.; Penn, D. J.; Zala, S. M. (2020) Ultrasonic courtship vocalizations of male house mice contain distinct individual signatures. Animal Behaviour, Bd. 169, S. 169-197.
  • Abbasi, R.; Balazs, P.; Noll, A. Nicolakis, D.; Adelaide Marconi, M.; Zala, S. M. et al. [..] (2019) Applying Convolutional Neural Networks to the Analysis of Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalizations., Proceedings of ICA 2019.
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